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Helping manage the evolution in ancillary benefits purchasing

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A grain of salt can tip the scale

At Salt Margin, we help employee benefit agencies evolve their ancillary benefits practice from spreadsheets to consulting. The work we do allows partner brokers and consultants to double down on their core competencies while fulfilling their promise to clients of providing comprehensive consulting.

Helping is a BIG part of what we do! We exist to help employers, brokers, and consultants deliver the best possible value and claim outcomes.

Sustainable, organic growth
can be yours

For sustainable organic growth, you must avoid the obstacles that get in your agency’s way:

  • Too many goals (scattershot approaches and scatterbrain of priorities)
  • Big Branded Consulting Houses knocking on clients’ doors
  • Clients continually expanding the list of responsibilities they expect you to absorb
  • Added demands on agency time and resources
  • Nagging doubt that questions whether you have the right solutions in place
Where do you take something off your team’s plate? And how do you do so in a way that positively impacts the bottom line? With Salt Margin, of course!
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Celebrate your success

Take time back

We’ve got you. We know the sincerity of your desire to deliver exceptional outcomes to clients, and we also know the overwhelming nature of responsibility creep. You need to get better ROI on your team’s time, and when you outsource consultation with us, your team can focus on their areas of expertise, improving results.

Lead and win with ancillary

Step your game up in your group life, disability, and other ancillary benefits consulting. Improve your ability to communicate and sell advanced strategies. We’ll add expertise, resources, and salesmanship to your team, making these important benefits an agency differentiator in your marketplace.

Transform and empower

At Salt Margin, we manage the evolution of ancillary benefits purchasing, helping agencies overcome obstacles and declining revenue per man-hour. We transform the sales approach from spreadsheets to consultation. Together, we empower clients to make highly informed plan decisions they can own.

Celebrate your success

When you take the time to transform the way your agency does business, you'll see little wins and big wins. Celebrate them! We're here to help, and we want to be alongside you—every step of the way.