Hello! We’re Salt Margin.

Employee Benefits

We are huge fans and supporters of employee benefits agents and want to help you lift the burden and grow. We offer ancillary group benefits subject matter expertise that’s easy to execute and provides customers the comprehensive consulting you’ve promised, and they seek.

Insurance agents want to give their customers the best and most comprehensive consultation. However, several things can slow them down when it comes to group life and disability insurance: too often, agents don’t know how to get started or don’t have the time, expertise, or resources.

Enter: Salt Margin, born from a basement office, an underwriter’s manual, a box of gluten-free crackers, and the drive to better educate clients on group life and disability policies.

We’ve walked in your shoes. We know the feeling of “not knowing” all too well. We see how much effort agents put into healthcare consulting—the endless learning, the tireless seeking of the most optimized and tailored solutions, the ongoing client education, and the constant tweaking of their programs. We know this because we know and consult group life and disability like you know and consult medical.

Do right

Integrity is our foundation.

Be thoughtful

Listen, align, challenge, and celebrate.

Cultivate resourcefulness

Forge a new path.

Empower people

Inspire growth.

Want to work with an amazing team?

Kevin Curran-1

Kevin Curran

CLU | Founding Partner | Plan Architect

Kevin is like a fine leather chair: durable, a bit rigid at first but surprisingly relaxed with time, and is the perfect hangout for a spot of whiskey and wit. Never afraid to submit himself to the long road of mastery, his best self is only available in four-hour increments. After which, you will find him, eyes closed in a chair, his car, or under a desk for exactly 21 minutes meditating his way back to power.


Matthew Masone-1

Matthew Masone

Partner | Plan Architect

As an easygoing Bob Ross aficionado and the patriarch of the poster family for accident insurance, Matt lives the statement, “We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.” If there are good times to be had with good people, Matt is likely invited, bringing the boat, an assortment of yard games, and some barrel-aged dad jokes. Keeping pace with his wildly active family of five, Matt feels the height of opulence is a Sunday nap.

Taylor Morales-1
Angela Curran-1

Taylor Morales

Plan Architect

When you get to know Taylor, she appears as a series of paradoxes: a creative seeking ordered environments in which to make messes. A homebody that loves a lively party. An observer that is ready to jump in and get it done. To those that know her best, she is most aptly defined as “family” or “friend”. To know Taylor is to know she believes there are only two seasons in a given year, soup season and non-soup season, and it’s almost always soup season.


Angela Curran

Senior Policy Analyst

When sharing interesting news with Angela, she will undoubtedly lean in with a smile and her fingers steepled, exclaiming, “I have so many questions!” As a lover of playful banter and with a penchant for hypothetical scenarios, Angela is the go-to for family and friends that need a thoughtful and creative ear to help hash out a problem. As for the perfect day, Angela relishes quiet time by the water with a good book and a grapefruit seltzer.

Salt Margin Headshots

Renee Golovacha

Senior Policy Analyst

If Salt Margin’s advisors believe “there’s gold in them there hills”, Renee has already been onsite a week surveying the property, analyzing the effort needed to extract said gold, and is actively digging the highest prospect target zones. Renee’s to-do list driven approach and insurance company background in underwriting, contracts, and account management, enables her to be both quick and thorough, but it’s her warm nature, humor-filled disposition, and deep affection for 90’s hip-hop that make her a great teammate and dance party invite.