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what’s a salt margin?

Competition among employee benefits brokers is stiff. The weaker agencies are being weeded out. We have moved past the age of silver bullets, one-trick ponies, and homerun swings that deliver the necessary results. To grow and thrive, agencies must maintain focus, deliver empowered client solutions, and continually develop a differentiated brand presence. When it comes to running a growing and profitable employee benefits agency, we have entered the age of lean manufacturing, 1% improvements, and specialization.

The margin between winning and losing, profit and losses, and great agency culture vs. frustration is granular. In most instances, “a grain of salt can tip the scale.”

We have entered the era of Salt Margin.

Together, we can tip the scales in your favor to grow and protect your agency’s Salt Margin.

Here’s how we’ll help you get there

Employee Benefits Agency
Salt Margin Insurance Consultation
Salt Margin Ancillary Benefits Consulting
Salt Margin Insurance Consultation

Consult with confidence

Clients expect deep analysis, education, and alternative solutions as you work together to control their healthcare spend. You’ve promised, and they expect this same level of service in every other corner of your consulting. When it comes to ancillary benefits, Salt Margin delivers on this promise on your team’s behalf.

Fill in the gaps

A one-page “market-check” spreadsheet rarely elicits proper protection. The inadequacies of poorly designed plans can be devastating to claimants. You can only ensure informed client decisions through tailored education. You already do this on their medical plans. Let us do it on their life, disability, and other ancillary plans too.

Post-sale installation audit

Over 10% of policies, rates, and commissions are installed incorrectly. Through our implementation audit, we identify any inaccuracies before they become liabilities to you or your clients. Working with Salt Margin will save your team countless hours and headaches.

Get ready to grow

Partnering with Salt Margin helps differentiate your agency, tipping the scale in your favor to win key accounts. We increase revenues on underperforming assets, place new and needed products, and manage your supplemental compensation objectives. Partnering with Salt Margin is like adding another top producer to your team.

Learn how to work with us

Nice to meet you

Let’s set up an introductory call to understand your agency and goals. We want to learn about the day-to-day of your ancillary division, consultative practices, and preferred partners.

Testing it out

If the way our team partners with agencies looks like a good fit, we’ll take things for a test drive and work up to three cases together.

Mutual alignment

After three test cases, we’ll dig into details to see if we have long-term potential and determine the correct level of partnership for your agency.


We both commit to working together and achieving your goals!

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